Friday, August 28, 2009

Jessie's First Day Of School!

So my little lady started Preschool on Tuesday. Yes I realize that this officially makes me old, don't worry, I'm dealing with it. So I was so nervous for her to start, worrying that it would be too hard for her, or that she would have some major separation anxiety. Wow was I wrong. She was a total champ! We walked in, she put her backpack against the wall, took off her shoes, and started to walk up the stairs. She did ask me to walk up with her, but once we got into the room, she yelled "Bye Mom, I love you" and was off. Here are a few cute pics we took of her on her way out, and back.

She had to do a little photo shoot before we got into the car to go. She was sooo excited about her new school outfit, and of course the backpack. She has been walking around with it ever since.

This is right when she walked in! She just found her teacher, went over to the carpet, and forgot I ever existed.

This was right after I picked her up. She thought that now she was a big girl who goes to school, she didn't need to sit in the car seat anymore. She said" I want to sit like Jaxon!". When I asked her about how the day went she said that "School is my favorite, Mommy". I guess sending her to Miss Danae was a good choice.

Here are her first official school projects. She was so proud of her "Apple Annie" and her painting, made from apple stamps. Oh and we have sung her Apple Annie song at least 10 times every day since.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Utah Trip

So last week Jessie and I went to Utah so that Jessie could visit her dad! Because of a few work issues, I ended up having Jessie with me more than I had planned while we were there. So on Tuesday, we went to the Thanksgiving Point Gardens with my good friend Tara. ( She was our next door neighbor when we lived in Pleasant Grove). It was so fun. The gardens were absolutely beautiful, Jessie loved looking at all of the flowers. We also got to see Tara's newest addition to her family, Baby Gracie. (sorry not shown) But what a beautiful little girl, I am so happy for Tara, that after 3 boys and 15 years of marriage, she finally got her little girl.

Jessie had a lot of fun playing with her daddy while we were there, and i had a lot of fun seeing old friends and family. But I must say, after 20 hours of driving, and not getting in till 3 am, I am very glad to be back home.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jessie Dancing

So 2 sundays ago, my aunt Alisa gave jessie a bag full of toys that her girls had grown out of. In it was this dance mat that came along with an instructional dance along DVD. From the movie "Barbie and the twelve dancing princesses". She has completely fallen in love with it, and has practically memorized all of the dances. You should see her when the video is actually on, but this was a little clip I caught when she was just playing around on her mat! Thanks Aunt Alisa, this has provided hours and hours of entertainment!

California YSA Conferance

So this last weekend, I attended the California YSA ( young single adult) conferance. It was two days filled with; classes, humanitarian projects, games, food, dances, speed dating(yikes), church meetings and firesides. All in all, it was a really cool experience. I got a lot out of the workshops that I attended, and had a lot of fun along the way. Though I did not come home with a new boyfriend, which I think is the primary goal of some of these things, I did make a few new friends and really enjoyed myself! Here are a few pics from that event. Oh the girl in most of the pictures is my self-appointed BFF Christine Funke!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Parenting Woes

So lately I have been having so many issues with this whole parenting thing. I know everyone feels that way at one point or another, some of us feel like it is a never ending battle (my poor sister Amber). But I am at that point where I feel like I am a total idiot, and that Jessie would be better off with someone else. Apparently others have noticed this, because Amber tells me monday night that there is this class that I need to go to. Its called "Love and Logic" has anyone else heard of this? Well I went to that class last night, and we will see I guess how it all goes. For now all I have learned is that when Jessie gets into trouble I am supposed to use a sympathy phrase like "Bummer.." or " that is so sad", so that she learns to take responsibility for her bad action instead of just seeing that I am always mad at her! Anyway, I guess if anyone else feels like they have hit a wall, this may be something to considder. Updates to follow.....

Monday, August 3, 2009

New Blog

Ok, so I know that I have been so lame about keeping everyone up to date on our lives. Well lets be honest, all you guys really want to see is Jessie! But I don't blame you, she's cute! Anyway, I know myself and know that I am totally lame about posting things, but I promise you guys that I will try. I recently read a clip from a talk someone gave at time out for women saying that they thought that sept 1st should be the real New Year. That it was a good time to make resolutions, being that life seems to start all over then. New school year and all. So I am making myself a New Years resolution a little early! Anyway, hope you enjoy!!