Saturday, March 13, 2010

My daughter the Hairstylist

Jessie has always been interested in
hair. I think it kinda comes with the
territory when you grow up watching your mom doing other people's hair all the time. I remember when she was just a year old, and she would go wet her hands in the pool water, then rub them together, and try to spike her dad's hair into a mohawk. She is always combing all of her baby's hair, and pretty much anyone else's who will indulge her for a while. All of this is well and good, and even quite adorable at times...until she decides to sneak a pair of scissors to her own head!
I know, it could have been WAY worse than what we came out with. She actually gave herself a little taper! Not bad! Maybe there is something to be said for all the hair she's watched me do, right?


Jodi Brown said...

Actually, I think Jessie did a pretty good job on her hair! :) (You know Jaida has done much worse!) Thanks for keeping us posted on you two! We miss you! Love ya tons!

wordfromthezoo said...

She is so cute and oh how talented! Max did that once and it was BAD thankfully we could just buzz it and it was all fine. I hope you guys are doing well! Call me sometime! Wondering how you are!

Nate and Annie said...

How funny! I guess every kid has to do it at least once, but it usually doesn't come out looking so good. She's such a cutie!